When you perform one
activity like running, particular
muscle groups are constantly
being used.  Cross-training
keeps your body balanced by
working other muscle groups.

Any season is a good time to
prevent injury with

Cross-training changes up the
workouts to eliminate
Our Approach...
Skyline Physical Therapy was founded in 2009 by
Jane Richardson, PT, ScD, OCS, COMT, and has
quickly become Whatcom County's preferred choice
for injury recovery. Jane specializes in a variety of
injuries including but not limited to sports, motor
vehicle accident, vertigo and balance related issues,
and work injuries.  At Skyline, all patients from
adolescent to geriatric are welcome.
What IS Physical Therapy?
Dr. Richardson is skilled in a variety of treatment techniques with an emphasis
in Manual therapy.  
Manual therapy is a hands-on approach to improving joint
mobility and muscle flexibility using muscle control and movement training.  
Manual therapy is used to treat all ailments including sports injuries, surgical
recovery, repetitive use, work related injury, as well as muscle sprains & joint
strains.  With the continued drive to learn supported by Jane's terminal
professional degree (Doctorate of Science in Physical Therapy), our clinic
provides evidence based practice.  Patients received one-on-one care with our
We care for...
Physical therapy involves treatment of all injured
tissue including the muscles, bones, joints,
ligaments, tendons, and nerves.  The body is an
integrated system that works together for
successful movement.  In physical therapy, we
evaluate and treat all of these structures and the
interactions between these structures for return
to activities such as work or sport.  During
treatment, we are monitoring movement patterns
and function to return you to maximal level of
Chronic or Acute Neck & Back Pain
Sports & Athletic Injuries
Work Injuries
Whiplash & Motor Vehicle Accidents
Imbalance & Instability
Post-Surgical Rehabilitation       
(ie. ACL, rotator cuff, Total Joint
Shoulder pain
Dizziness & Vertigo
Welcome to Skyline Physical Therapy
Skyline Physical Therapy
Phone: 360.738.4300
Fax: 360.738.8010

1408 N. Garden St
Bellingham, WA 98225
1408 N. Garden Street
Bellingham, WA 98225
Phone: 360.738.4300
Fax: 360.738.8010

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Fall Bike Riding
Stiff Neck can Be a Simptom
Pain can be a signal that you
may need an evaluation to
prevent further damage and
allow for recovery. Consult
our office or your physician if
you have specific concerns.
American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties -JaneRichardson Diplomate
October 2020....  We are open our normal business hours Monday,
Wednesday, & Thursday from 8am - 5pm.   Everyone is screened prior
to treatment.  We are sanitizing per CDC guidelines.  Telemedicine
continues to be available for patients that are at risk.  Everyone is
required to wear a mask or face covering and stay home if not feeling